Data Sheet: Download the RVME1200 Data Sheet in PDF format


Key Features

  • Pentium M 2.13 GHz
  • DDR2 533 MHz memory
  • 533 MHz FSB
  • 3 x GB Ethernet. 1 Copper + 2 Fiber / Copper
  • 4 x USB
  • 2esst VME
  • SVGA
  • PCI Express, 16 x Expansion.
  • 1 ( 2 ) Compact Flash
  • 1 ( 0 ) PMC / XMS slot
  • Optional disc drive
  • Optional Super High Graphic on PCI Expansion
  • Optional 3 x PMC slot on PCI Expansion

First VME with PCI Express

RVME1200 “Oden” is first of a new breed of VME boards, the first VME board that made the shift to PCI Express technology. Oden have the fasted memory access speed of any VME board as it uses 533MHz front side bus and DDR2 memory technology. Apart from having the fastest on-board interconnections, it also has an expansion connector with PCI Express x16 giving 4 GB/s in each direction. Naturally the Oden board comes with the latest 2eSST VME interface. RVME1200 have three Gbit Ethernet interface of which two can be Fiber in front or rear as VITA 31.1. As all this technology is available in the commercial market good software support already exists. All things considered, this board is truly an industry first providing the best and the fastest technology in the market.

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