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23 Januari 2020 | Success Storys

easyPay: Parked the challenges for smart reading through collaboration with Recab

Profectum has a tight cooperation with Recab and Nils Olav Gjørvad on the parking solution. – The result is a robust electronics cabinet which can be mounted both indoors and outdoors, he says.


The product, which is starting to become well known by many people, is called EasyPay. It is described as a new and modern solution for easy and user-friendly parking. – There will be no need for tickets, fines and barriers as this is replaced with smart technology, says the managing director of Profectum AS, Lars Kaasin.

Automatic payment
The parking time starts and stops by advanced camera technology, and the payment is automatic. Lars Kaasin tells that Profectum is growing fast, and the solution is used, for example, in parking houses, shopping malls and amusement parks. The company has become a real competitor to the traditional parking companies.

Valuable guidance
– Recab is our collaborator on machinery, and together we have developed solidly built centrals that can handle a vast number of cars arriving to park, Kaasin says. He emphasizes the cooperation with Nils Olav Gjørvad at Recab. – He has given us valuable support with choosing components, testing and implementation of the project, Kaasin explains.

Found the right knowledge
– We got into contact with Recab since they are distributor of a unit which we wanted to use in our own centrals. We soon discovered that Recab has knowledge and experience from similar project, and that they therefore could be a valuable collaborator for developing our solution, Kaasin says.

 Stabile and scalable
– The process started with mapping and choosing components for designing the central, testing and making a prototype. Eventually we found the final solution, and now we have a stable and scalable product which is easy to maintain, he continues. The core of the system is an industrial PC without a fan, and with an extended temperature range. According to Gjørvad, the PC is a Nuvo 5002LP from Neousys Technology, with a sixth generation Core i7 processor which corresponds to a strong stationary PC, but this is a more robust and maintenance free version.

Nuvo-5002LP/5006LP is the low-profile version of Nuvo-5000 family. It features a low-profile chassis, which reduces its height to 77 mm, and remains extraordinary 25°C to 70°C operating temperature. For those demanding varied computing power, Nuvo-5002LP/5006LP supports socket-type CPU for flexible CPU installation.


Strong processing
– All video processing and number plate recognition is on this platform, Gjørvad explains. – Everything is designed according to Profectum´s specifications, and we have made all the necessary switches (including fiber options), a 4G modem, and we have defined the power supply, UPS, as well as an emergency power battery, he further explains.

From camera to sky
The central communicates with ANPR cameras which register the number plates, plus Profectum´s sky solution for further processing.
– For us, it is critical that all components register every parking, and the chosen components in the centrals reflect this, Kaasin says. He emphasizes that they have chosen high quality solutions that gives redundancy to both the network and power supply. In this work, he describes Recab as an important and valuable supporter.

One hundred percent Norwegian
Profectum delivers all the software, and the solutions are finished at Topro. When the cabinets have been configurated at Recab´s filial at Eggemoen near Hønefoss, they are sent directly to the users, where they are connected to the power system and cameras.

A good environment for product development
Recab´s main Norwegian office is at Hamar, but the company has chosen to keep the Eggemoen office for several reasons. – Here we are in the thick of things regarding product development. You will find, for example, Tronrud Engineering, which is both a customer, supplier and collaborator on a lot of projects. You will also find the mechanic supplier HG-Mek, Prox/Flir, and Norsk Titanium, Gjørvad proudly informs. The Hamar department has just moved to new locations, and Elektronikk will come back to this in a later issue.

To Profectum, the solution means more competitiveness and possibilities of growth. – For us, it is important to have control at all stages of our solutions. We develop all software ourselves, and we will have the same control over the machinery in the centrals, Kaasin says. – Through our cooperation with Recab, we have gained full control of the actual components, and none of the centrals has broken down so far!

Read more about some of our products from Neousys here
Link to Neousys:

Do you want to know more about the project or our other product, please contact us:
Nils Olav Gjørvad /+47 96 90 22 11 /
Bjørn Espen Aase / +47 62 54 02 91 /

Text & Photo by: By Einar Karlsen Elektronikknett

14 Januari 2020 | Success Storys

Världsledande Danfo valde IoT-lösning från Recab

Kundcase Danfo

Kompakt och säker router
Som hårdvara valdes 3G/4G routern EBW-L100 vilken installeras i toalettbyggnadens apparatskåp. EBW-L100 är en industriell router vars kompakta format gör att den tar liten plats på DIN-skenan. Dessutom har den inbyggd brandvägg och klarar olika typer av VPN-lösningar. Sammantaget ger det en hårdvara som är pålitlig och lättplacerad, samtidigt som den är lätt att uppgradera när behovet uppstår.
– Routern är enkel att driftsätta och tar liten plats, säger Ola.

Molntjänst till fjärrstyrningen
Nästa ingrediens som Recab levererat är Insys VPN-tjänst, Insys icom Connectivity Suite, som passade Danfos behov. Det är en molnbaserad tjänst som är både säker och lättanvänd. Många av Danfos toaletter är stationerade utomlands så man sparar därför både resor och miljö tack vare att mycket kan göras på distans.

– Molntjänsten är väldigt stabil. Om de haft service på tjänsten så meddelas det alltid i god tid av Insys, berättar Ola som tack vare molntjänsten kan sköta uppdatering av mjukvara eller stötta lokala tekniker vid driftsättning på distans.

Höga säkerhetskrav
Andra saker som kan skötas på distans är till exempel om man ska lägga till ett brandlarm eller en ny betallösning. Förutom larm från toaletterna som kan gälla allt från värme, brand och öppna dörrar så går det också att få ut statistik. Routern tillsammans med VPN-tjänsten används i cirka 150 offentliga toaletter på olika håll i världen.

– Recab har varit en bra partner och vi har fått produkterna i god tid och alltid fått bra support vid behov. Tekniken går framåt och i framtiden kommer det vara än mer uppkopplat, berättar Magnus Appelgren, produktchef Danfo.

EBW-L100 3G/4G​ (hårdvara/router)

  • Kompakt format
  •  Router och switch i en enhet
  •  Säkerhet: VPN och inbyggd brandvägg
  •  2-portars switch med 10/100 MBit/sek
  •  Integrerat Linuxprogramvara
  • Snabbstart för Insys Connectivity Suite

icom Connectivity Suite​ (molntjänst)

  •  VPN-tjänst för att skapa säkra/privata nät över Internet
  •  Främst avsett för system som är “always online”
  • Administreras på krypterad hemsida
  • Uppdaterar sig själv
  • Olika alternativ till hårdvara (GPRS, 3G/4G, ADSL, Ethernet, WiFi, NET1 450 MHz
  • Endast privata IP-adresser för högre säkerhet
  • Kostnadsfri klient
  • Fri testperiod i 30 dgr

Länkar till samarbetspartners:
Danfo –
El & Automation i Nora –

Text: Jimmie Öbom
Foto: Danfo

Vill du veta mer om våra projekt eller produkter, kontakta oss så
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Magnus Unosson / 073-201 03 02 / 
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English version:
World-leading Danfo chose IoT solution from Recab
Public toilet specialist Danfo, based in Nora in Sweden, is a world-leading expert on communal sanitation solutions and was founded by Nobel Industries in 1969. Danfo’s bespoke toilets for public spaces are complex facilities that demand high-quality technical solutions.  Danfo has chosen Recab’s products and services to ensure reliable automated, remote controlled IT solutions.

– We choose Recab for their overall solutions, says Ola Sjöstedt, project manager at El & Automation in Nora, who is responsible for the installation in Danfo’s toilet facilities.

Compact and reliable router
The 3G/4G router EBW-L100 is a compact, industrial router that was chose for the Danfo toilet units. The router has an in-built firewall, handles different types of VPN solutions and fits on a DIN rail. In short, it is a reliable and easily fitted hardware solution that can be upgraded to suit future needs.

– The router is simple to install and takes up very little space, Ola Sjöstedt.

 Cloud solution for automated distance control
In addition to the hardware solution, Recab has also delivered an INSYS VPN solution that suits Danfo’s needs. The INSYS icom Connectivity Suite is a reliable, cloud-based service that is easy to use. Many of Danfo’s toilet facilities are stationed abroad, and accessing units remotely cuts down on travel and therefore saves time and reduces the environmental impact.

– The cloud-based service is very stable. We get regular service updates from INSYS, says Ola Sjöstedt who – thanks to the cloud solution – can manage software updates and support local technicians remotely.

High safety standards
Adding a fire alarm or a payment solution are examples of services that can be managed remotely. In addition to installing an alarm that detects heat, fire or open doors, it’s also possible to access relevant statistics remotely.  The router together with the VPN solution are used in approximately 150 public toilet facilities around the world.

– Recab has been a good partner. The products are delivered on time and we receive good support when we need it. Technology is rapidly moving forward and in the future we’ll see even more digitalised solutions, says Danfo product manager Magnus Appelgren.

EBW-L100 3G/4G​ (hardware/router)

  • Compact
  • Router and switch in a single unit
  • Security: VPN and in-built firewall
  • 2-port switch with 10/100 MBit/sec
  • Integrated Linux software
  • Fast start for INSYS Connectivity Suite

icom Connectivity Suite​ (cloud-based service)

  • VPN solution for secure, private networks
  • Primarily designed for ”always online” systems
  • The service is administrated through a crypted website
  • Automatic updates
  • Several alternatives for hardware solutions (GPRS, 3G/4G, ADSL, Ethernet, WiFi, NET1 450 MHz
  • A 30-day free test period